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Wall Art by Scorpio is a fantastic way to brighten up your learning environment! It can be used either decoratively or as a learning resource, be it the Periodic table, a World Map or a completely bespoke design.


Printed onto a self-adhesive vinyl using our high performance latex printer, which produces sublime colours, backed up with a protective laminate to eliminate those greasy hand prints, enabling you to wipe

down any stains or marks.


We can produce design themes to suit your needs, for example promoting Faith or values, subject

orientated or simply something to inspire!


Go on.. dare to be different!




A MURAL is a full coverage design. It covers the whole of the wall from floor to ceiling.

A DECAL is a partial coverage design. It can stretch the width of a wall as a stripe, or a section of the wall as a panel.

Primary School Wall Art Brochure (PDF_2.8MB)

High School Wall Art Brochure (PDF_1.2MB)

The Scorpio Collection Wall Art Brochure (PDF_3.1MB)

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